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Pay Pal GE Capital Retail Bank EBAY Reports on Transaction Details that you made more net profit then you actually earned. "Example" $91.96 is the net they have you earning when in all actuality you earned a net of $82.25.

So, what about that $9.71? According to the Transaction Details you earned that $9.71 even though you didn't. Please see attached document. Retaliation from GE & Pay Pal my balance isn't high enough to have an illegal late fee of $35.00 instead of the illegal $25.00 I used to be charged illegally & this has happened last year & this year since I have filed complaints with Federal & State agencies.

They also take monies from your Pay Pal Balance & use that to pay on your Pay Pal Smart Connect Credit Card. I have always gone in myself & have specified the amount I want taken out of my Pay Pal Balance to pay my Pay Pal Smart Connect Credit Card Account. So, if you don't want them to take your Pay Pal Balance to pay your Pay Pal Smart Connect you need to withdraw all of it. By these Crooks doing this they make $1.50 for writing you a check sneaky, sneaky.

They also go into my credit report & when I call them to ask them why they say they didn't go in & check it. Gee, I wonder how their name got listed as a soft check in my credit report? Crooks the lot of them.

They think the consumers are *** well they are not! Billions & Billions that is all they see & they keep coming up with more & more creative ways to ***.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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They spend their time cheating people, and on wives and husbands.Poor, Poor and hateful collection center. I will never bank with them after reading these horror stories, and all the underhanded tricks they use.

I know many employees there, they spend their time looking for another job.

A bank with collection quotas, is a poor excuse of a way to run a department. Go back to where you came.

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