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Please find attached documents pertaining to several issues. There is a letter dated July 19, 2012 telling me that my card security fee refund of $108.13 was overpaid by $7.65 total card security fees $115.78.

Gee I guess the guy that took the $107.48 and added the debt cancellation fee of $6.05 into my card security fees can't add either because that amount is $113.53. Also the $15.00 check has never been received by me as stated in the letter dated February 10, 2012 and they are still sticking to the story of only taking out $374.25. In the letter dated July 19, 2012 they are informing me that they gave me a total of $439.14 the balance on my statement for June 5, 2012 as a final resolution! Well as you can plainly see $464.14 is the balance on my statement for June 2012.

Next you will find out that they can also make the late fee's change too! Instead of the usual $25.00 or $35.00 in late fees they now make them the amount of your payment as in my case $15.98. I was informed by email that my minimum payment due was $16.00 even though I didn't owe $16.00 I only owed $15.98 this statement is dated January 5, 2013. Plus they didn't apply the whole amount of my payment to the balance owed they only show that the $15.98 was received instead of the extra two cents making $16.00 total.

They are sneaky in this way that is what they did with the $15.00 and the $6.05 along with the $349.25 which they took off the statement but not the balance. I have been charged since October 2011 interest on this money listed here up until June of 2012. You need to check those balances. I'm attaching all of these documents so that you can see what this bank and credit card are doing to their customers.

I don't file complaints with the CFPB The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau as I refer to them now. I'm sending everything again to other state and federal agencies that maybe can stop this corrupt bank and card company. Along with other websites that are to protect the consumers against Crooks and Idiots like this. I have NO respect for anyone here.

I don't think that the cure for the Crook A Titus and *** Titus disease has been made yet. I feel sorry for the other banks and credit card companies because they aren't getting their fair share here only GE and PayPal are, that is how they make billions! As far as that $50.00 credit they say they gave me didn't happen that was a payment I made and they can't tell me nor have they told me what happened to my $75.00 credit that was on my statement went. In fact they don't care really I mean they have billions what a few measly million anyway they will just make up for it by screwing more people.

Crooks, Liars, Thieves,Frauds,ignoramuses etc. those are the titles that they deserve and I have the paperwork to back it all up.


Monetary Loss: $5000.

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uh this is not a site that protects consumers it's just a complaints board for people to *** about and share stories with others.

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