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GE Capital Retail Money Bank/PayPal Smart Connect/PayPal have been using the United States Postal Service to "Defraud" the consumer. I have been dealing with this since 2011 & these "Crooked" corporations continue & our government gives them "Carte Blanc" that's right "Carte Blanc" to screw us royal! This is just a portion of what has been sent by me, this has been going on since 2011, now the Postal Service is being used to defraud the consumer!

This is what is being allowed by our government agencies The Federal Trade Commission, The Office of the Comp Controller, The Department of Financial Institutions & The Attorney General's Office. Copies of all documents were sent to ALL of these "Useless Agencies" along with you the OIG Hotline & The CFPB. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has closed ALL of my complaints with various "Illegal Practices" & has allowed this to continue. Who knows how long they have been Defrauding the United States Postal Service! I have been dealing with these crooks since 2011. If I would have known this before wasting my money & time sending, making copies, paying for proof of delivery etc. that ALL these "Useless Government Agencies" were going to forward them to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as I like to refer to them "The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau", which is even more useless then the rest of it never would have happened. These complaints affect thousands & thousands of consumers. I could have saved a lot of money & time. This is not fair to the postal service & it is not fair to the consumers. These companies should be going to the post office everyday to pick up the mail yet don't! why? I know why so they can make your account late "Illegally" in a six month period to charge you $35.00 in late fees instead of $25.00 in late fees. Not only that but all the "Illegal Practices" hundreds that they have used to charge the consumer "Illegal Fees" has been dismissed by our government agencies. This is just one of the areas they make their "Illegal Billions" that our tax dollars go to, the "Useless Government Agencies"!

This is what happens when "Illegal Business Practices" are allowed to continue with no reprimand what so ever. Our Government Agencies think that the American Consumer's are *** & can't put two & two together, well they are wrong they can.

Now the United States Postal Service is being used for fraud from GE Capital Retail Bank/Pay Pal Smart Connect/Pay Pal without their (The USPS) knowledge had no knowledge until I brought it to their attention this last month March 2014.

Please note in paragraph six & seven where it states that my payment had been received on the 4th of March 2014 was taken off late “Overdue” on the 5th of March 2014 & no late fees were applied. This is another OUTRIGHT LIE! My mail along with 2,300 pieces of mail that arrived on the 4th of March were not picked up until the 6th of March 2014. They had already put my account "Overdue" on the 4th of March charged the late fee on the 5th PICKED UP THREE DAYS OF MAIL on the 6th of March 2014! Took the late fee off on March 7, 2014. When this "Specialist" from GE Capital Retail Money Bank called me before she sent this letter I had informed her that she better do her homework before she sends anything in writing & as usual didn't do her homework & here goes another violation unpunished that they have gotten away with.

Next she also states that they posted this to my account on the 6th of March 2014. Really? Wow, how is this possible when they hadn’t even picked up the mail on the 4th, 5th & finally picked it up on the 6th of March from the post office along with thousands of other pieces of mail that had been waiting since the 4th of March to be picked up. They also have at least four other post offices that they work out of in Florida! I guess you probably need that many to you know cover your tracks! Took the late fee off on the 7th of March 2014! This is what our government agencies are allowing now & that is why “Corrupt” businesses & corporations are getting away with “Raping” the consumer they make me sick all of them!

She also stated that they did not go into my Credit Report! Really? Well I sure as *** didn’t go into my Credit Report & put Pay Pal! Maybe that “Phantom” that shows up ever so often was beamed down by Scotty from the Starship Enterprise or better yet maybe it hitched a ride on an Asteroid & landed in my credit report! No respect for anyone or anything absolutely disgusting!!!!!!

At the end of this complaint it asks do I want to be contacted by the company? No I don't because it is a waste of time. They know what they did & what they continue to do to this day!

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Mountain View, California, United States #916281

Youre absolutely right and i sympathize with you. All the government agencies and politicians allow these crooks to badically the American consumer.

Theyre all crooks. The finanial institutions the politicians.

But sooner or later people are going to get tired of it. Just sayin.

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