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You will find three documents that I have uploaded. One of these documents is from a debt collector dated October 2008.

The other two documents will show one of the ways that GE Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Bank & now the new name Synchrony Bank. These are the names that this bank uses to process "Credit Cards" for clients such as Wal-mart, Lowes, Toys RUs, JC Penney, Sears, and thousands of other mid-sized to local size merchants. You might be able to send a post to the "Employee" at GE Capital Retail Bank that answered my post on Rip-Off Report number 1140625 in a "Rebuttal" he she or It who knows what it is.

Can you imagine how many millions of accounts that would be?

These are just a few examples of why they want to do away with "Class Action Lawsuits". These "Crooks" have been ordered to pay $169M in a Discrimination Settlement. They have also had to pay a record credit card settlement $225 million.

They have also been ordered to pay $34.1 Million to consumers.

No wonder they are trying to do away with Class Action Lawsuits!

When I send a payment to these "CROOKS" through the United States Post Office I pay the fee due for that month & I also pay by one to two pennies more. Where all those one penny two pennies go to? I have no clue, maybe they get beamed up to the planet they come from that is the seventh planet from the Sun in our Solar System.

It's so outrageous that they are bragging about how many Billions & Billions of dollars they have made. And my guess is that half or all of these Billions & Billions has been made by defrauding the consumer.

On these two documents you will see what I'm talking about & can make your own opinion. They deliberately put my account past due more then two times so that they could charge me a $35.00 late fee instead of a $25.00 late fee.

And charging you late fees "Illegally" within a six month period in order to raise the late fee to $35.00.

I know that EBAY & Pay Pal split they didn't want to share all that "Illegal Money" they screwed people out of. EBAY has the same problem they give you credit then take it back & charge you again for the same credit they gave you hoping you don't notice!

Original review posted by user May 23, 2014

This is the new name GE Capital Retail Bank is changing there name to SYNCHRONY . This is the fourth time they have changed there name. They used to be GE Capital, GE Capital Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Money Bank, the only thing they didn't change is BANK! They need this word BANK so they can be in the banking business. You will find this Rip-Off Report being written in "Comic Font". This has gotten so out of hand that one can only laugh at what is happening. I mean we have state & federal agencies we cannot rely on.

This all started in 2011 for me. Who knows how long it has been allowed to continue. This bank that has changed it name FOUR times now they are changing it again to SYNCHRONY BANK! I believe they are changing to the letter "S" in the alphabet they need to get as far away as they can from the letter "G" in the alphabet. They have to get as far as they can from the letter "G" they don't want to get away from making lots of "G's" Illegally just the letter itself.

By looking at the DOCUMENTS ONLY. Why has this been allowed to get so obvious & in your face. It is like they are telling you the consumer that "Oh, well to bad you can't do anything to us we have soooooo many Billions that we will last till the world comes to an end & you can't touch us. Like the song from MC Hammer "Can't Touch This"

We like changing our name so we can steal the consumer blind we can cover our tracks nobody gives their real names, 99.9% don't remember their real names. What a joke! OH, we also alter documents to cover our tracks. CROOKS

They let employee's trash people who are complaining about there company! What is up with that? Did you read what the employee wrote on Report#1140625 this site Rip-Off Report check it out. Who knows they get more & more outrageous not to mention creative all the time. I got a message on my phone's answering machine, it was a woman from GE Capital Retail Money Bank telling me that she needed to talk to me about the $15.98 that was my balance back two years ago that I owed.

This is one of the documents that have been downloaded out of hundreds. What the hellll? This is when they stated my minimum payment due was $16.00 when I only owed $15.98! They did this on my invoice & when I called & asked why I had to pay the employee sent me an email only stating that that was my minimum payment due! They did not credit me the two pennies I overpaid where that went is beyond me. In fact I have at least six transactions with overpayment small over payments I have never seen any of these credited.

If you have a Pay Pal Smart Connect Card they have now changed the way the site looks when you go in to look at your activity you can no longer go in & copy & paste anymore. They changed this so that you cannot see where they put your account "Overdue" days before it is. You cannot "View Card Details" either. Greedy make money anyway they can they don't want customers to see what they are really doing "Cover UP". The letter from the Employee confirms this & lays it out why & how. You can read this employee's posts to me at Rip-Off Report#1140625.They are as CROOKED as it gets. These all have documents that you can read for yourself.

These "CROOKS" know that people have to work take care of their families & they know that most customers will just give up. That is why they lie like they do & you can see for yourself just how BRAZEN they are by reading the documents.

The letter words that start with the letter "S" this is also another reason I think they changed there name they want to continue the illegal business practices. They have to get as far as they can from the letter "G" they don't want to get away from making lots of "G's" Illegally just the letter itself. Words that start with "S" are Steal, Slaughter, Shittttt, Suckers & most important word that starts with an "S" SHEEP! All those SHEEP being led to another slaughter that have no idea about just how corrupt GE Capital Retail Bank & Pay Pal are & all that money that they will steal from the unsuspecting "SHEEP"! They have made for sure that they can't get caught that is why they changed the Pay Pal page you can't see how crooked they really are pathetic not to mention EVIL!

These reports are on this website pissedconsumer.com. I have listed them here: The Reports that have downloads are: Review #: 483913, Review #: 397877,Review #: 403826, Review #: 408105,Review #: 478478, Review #: 483025. It is faster when you read the documents that have been uploaded instead of reading all the posts.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Dublin, Ohio, United States #920622

I use a third party provider to monitor my credit and balances on my account. Synchrony is the only bank that does not allow this provider access to my account.

When I contacted their customer service, this is the response I received: "At this time, we do not provide access to Synchrony Bank account(s) via these third-party tools. Please know that protecting any personal information provided to us is one of our primary objectives, and we continue to work closely with these third-party service providers to ensure they meet data security standards and are fully compliant with regulatory requirements before enabling these sites to access your account details."

I have accounts with four of the top ten largest market share credit card issuers. They sync fine with my credit monitor company. Synchrony is a farce if they think that their standards are any higher than the other companies that hold 98.7% of the market share.

And when presented with my issue, their customer service instructed me to send a fax or a letter.

They refused to direct a manager speak to me. Lowes should sever all business ties with this company.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #915994

I am experiencing same thing they continue to charge late fee even though it was not late. They say they *** balance.

They still charge you late fee that is DOUBLE PAYMENT, They do not say anything and charge another late fee the following month. There has to be accountability for these people. I think it is a overseas ownership and scamming U.S. citizens.

I am asking for all to write the consumer credit agency in Washington D.C.

look up address.

Dallas, Texas, United States #883738

You sound like a nut job purposely paying an extra penny then worrying about what they do with it... get a life.

to Bob Jones #904172

Please read the entire post.

These documents are for information so that the customers can make up there own minds especially people who have posted on sites like this with the same problem & my experience.

Someone needs to expose their “Illegal Business Practices” & these documents show just how "Corrupt" they are. If you take millions of pennies & add them to the millions of customers you have a lot of money. I'm not the only one this has happened to.

Go read other posts.

to Bob Jones Hialeah, Florida, United States #905413

@bob jones gfy...

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