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This is how brazen GE Capital Retail Bank/Pay Pal Smart Connect/Pay Pal has gotten. They have been allowed to lie, steal, defraud, commit fraud, steal money, hide money, etc., etc.

They have The DFI, The CFPB, The OCC, and The Federal Trade Commission along with other government agencies, which have allowed them to achieve & to continue their Illegal practices that NO ONE IS SAFE NOT EVEN THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE! I know & the United States Postal Service knows when my payment along with 2,300 other pieces of mail which were sent by special delivery through The United States Postal Service to arrive before March 5, 2014 before 5:00 pm. were actually picked up & as usual GE Capital Retail Money Bank/Pay Pal Smart Connect/Pay Pal have lied again, when will this stop. On March 4, 2014 my account had been marked "Overdue" with a late fee of $35.00 for payment not received before 5:00 pm on March 5, 2014.

I called on March 4, 2014 & asked why my account was put "Overdue" before the 5th of March. I was informed that they can do this & they do it all the time. This is not the first time this has happened I have been dealing with several "Illegal Practices since 2011 & this is a very popular "Illegal Activity" they are real good at. Remember now this is where they pick up mail it is a P.O.

Box, I don't think the USPS delivers more then once a day to anybody. They did not pick these 2,300 pieces of mail up until March 6, 2014. So how many pieces of mail showed up on the 5th of March & the 6th of March? Most businesses make it a priority to pick up mail everyday what's up with these CROOKS picking up mail two days later?

I have submitted over 150 documents since 2011 pertaining to all types of "Illegal Practices" done by these corporations to these agencies & GE Capital Retail Money Bank/Pay Pal Smart Connect/Pay Pal are still getting away with it. This is not the first time they have done this to me. Did you know that they will make your account late twice "Illegally" within a 6 month period so they can charge you $35.00 in late fees instead of $25.00? They also go into your credit report then deny that they did even though the record shows they did!

They will stop at nothing to get more money no matter how obvious it is.

What are our tax dollars paying for here? Read the attached letter.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Mountain View, California, United States #962388

Yes i agree. Crooked corrupt politicians are the root cause of these types of problems. I no longer see a democracy but rather a straight up dictatorship.

to Anonymous #962652

We all agree that this country is becoming a dictatorship every day.

Fernley, Nevada, United States #891178

We consumers now have ZERO protection. Both "conservative" and "liberal" administrations have appointed directors to all these federal agencies from the very industries they're charged with monitoring.

It's the fox watching the henhouse. America is now completely saturated with corruption.

That's the only thing that's trickled down the last 30 years. Truthmonger.info for more details on the root cause of our problems.

to Dean Berry Ministries #962650

That is exactly right! We are screwed & these "Corrupt" corporations care about one thing it is green looks like this $ on paper That is all they see & the agencies that are to protect us are just "fking" us.

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