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Update by user May 17, 2015

This is a list of "ALL" my complaints that I have sent in that have been closed.

Update by user May 16, 2015

I have uploaded documents FYI along with the various state & federal agencies & this Bank that seems to be able to get away with having there own way of math.

They can make you pay more then you owe then give you credit on your statement for less & call it a "Late Fee Refund" even though payment & invoice state different.

They also put the correct amount owed on the statement but where that other extra money went that you had to pay yet didn't owe "WTF" knows where that went! Probably stuck out in Outer Space waiting for the "Head Planet" to figure out what the Hellll they are suppose to do with this or "WTF" to call it! They have the same problem that AT&T U-Verse has seems the "Head Planet" doesn't know "WTF" the others are doing down on earth! They been spinning around for so long out in space they can't get the heads together.

They can "RACK" up late fees, interest charges etc. basically do anything they damnnn well want to with "The Blessings" of state & federal agencies. You will see this in the documents uploaded. Especially there "Good Buddies" at The CFPB which I call "The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau" because that is what they do to the consumer all over you.

They sent me a check for $349.25 in December 2011 now why would they send me a check for this amount when I had taken ALL the monies they "Illegally" took out of my bank account on October 2011 minus that months payment of $25.00 & reversed the charges?

Then send a $15.00 check "WTF" knows where that is!

Not only that but they had the nerve to charge ME for a "Debt Cancelation Fee" even though they got that months payment. They have taken that $6.05 "Debt Cancelation Fee" & they now call it "Card Security Fees". This $6.05 has been in so many places & called so many things I would not touch it with a TEN FOOT POLE!

It gets even more crazier they have the nerve to tell me that my BANK is the one who charged the $15.00 fee NOT THEM! The credit for my "Card Security Fee's" has changed three times now.

They use the United States Post Office for "FRUAD" charging late fees or anything else they feel like charging the consumer for that have accounts with them. They also know more then the United States Postal Service. This bank has NO BOUNDRIES! They use the phrase "they tried to contact you but were unable to".

This is the I don't give a *** way! This is what they tell you they don't leave a message so you have to call back to find out "WTF" called you!

Original review posted by user May 16, 2015

There will be copies of documents that I have sent to the various state & federal agencies since 2011. I can't even picture how many Billions & Billions of dollars these "EVIL CROOKS" have made compliments of the Confused Financial Protection Bureau along with the other state & federal agencies which in my opinion are "ILLEGAL"!

They can send you statements which inform you that you owe more then you actually do, then they can take that amount change the title to "Refund of Late Fee's" in my case two cents document attached.

The documents attached will show you just a few of the complaints I have filed against these "EVIL CROOKS" & they are all closed!

In this documents you will also see where "The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau" has closed a case as "Resolved" & it is not even the correct company. Just to make for sure that I was not seeing something there that should be there I asked in several emails & got the same answer NOTHING WRONG!

So just "WTF" do we pay these useless state & federal agencies for? I have NO CLUE!

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I have never heard of this before in my life, however my husband savings account, was hacked, we later learned, it was in transit to this, go bank? Thankfully, our bank canceled that transaction after reading reviews, what a scam !!!

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