I've tried and tried and tried to pay my bill online for my CareCredit card that goes to GE Capital Retail Bank, and the page just will not load. It always says that it can't recognize my device and I'm just so frustrated with it.

There's no email that I can contact and now I'm probably going to end up with a late fee because of those cheap people who can't fix their bloody website. All it ever shows is that screenshot attached.

I'm very unhappy with these people. I even signed up for the e-bill thing to go paperless, but I can't even log in to take it off now!!

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You say device, and it's Windows 7 or 8? And, the page is a https.

How are you connecting to the internet? Do other https sites work?

If your using a free tethering program, they often block https sites after a certian period of time.

to Mike_mn Dallas, Georgia, United States #822784

www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugi4PJx7GJw or You Tube Pay Pal GE Capital Retail SYNCHRONY bank Do not get any card with any company that has this bank. You have not heard anything or seen anything until you see what is done by these two companies.

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