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GE Capital Retail Money Bank/PayPal Smart Connect/PayPal have been using the United States Postal Service to "Defraud" the consumer. I have been dealing with this since 2011 & these "Crooked" corporations continue & our government gives them "Carte Blanc" that's right "Carte Blanc" to screw us royal! This is just a portion of what has been sent by me, this has been going on since 2011, now the Postal Service is being used to defraud the consumer!

This is what is being allowed by our government agencies The Federal Trade Commission, The Office of the Comp Controller, The Department of Financial Institutions & The Attorney General's Office. Copies of all documents were sent to ALL of these "Useless Agencies" along with you the OIG Hotline & The CFPB. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has closed ALL of my complaints with various "Illegal Practices" & has allowed this to continue. Who knows how long they have been Defrauding the United States Postal Service! I have been dealing with these crooks since 2011. If I would have known this before wasting my money & time sending, making copies, paying for proof of delivery etc. that ALL these "Useless Government Agencies" were going to forward them to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as I like to refer to them "The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau", which is even more useless then the rest of it never would have happened. These complaints affect thousands & thousands of consumers. I could have saved a lot of money & time. This is not fair to the postal service & it is not fair to the consumers. These companies should be going to the post office everyday to pick up the mail yet don't! why? I know why so they can make your account late "Illegally" in a six month period to charge you $35.00 in late fees instead of $25.00 in late fees. Not only that but all the "Illegal Practices" hundreds that they have used to charge the consumer "Illegal Fees" has been dismissed by our government agencies. This is just one of the areas they make their "Illegal Billions" that our tax dollars go to, the "Useless Government Agencies"!

This is what happens when "Illegal Business Practices" are allowed to continue with no reprimand what so ever. Our Government Agencies think that the American Consumer's are *** & can't put two & two together, well they are wrong they can.

Now the United States Postal Service is being used for fraud from GE Capital Retail Bank/Pay Pal Smart Connect/Pay Pal without their (The USPS) knowledge had no knowledge until I brought it to their attention this last month March 2014.

Please note in paragraph six & seven where it states that my payment had been received on the 4th of March 2014 was taken off late “Overdue” on the 5th of March 2014 & no late fees were applied. This is another OUTRIGHT LIE! My mail along with 2,300 pieces of mail that arrived on the 4th of March were not picked up until the 6th of March 2014. They had already put my account "Overdue" on the 4th of March charged the late fee on the 5th PICKED UP THREE DAYS OF MAIL on the 6th of March 2014! Took the late fee off on March 7, 2014. When this "Specialist" from GE Capital Retail Money Bank called me before she sent this letter I had informed her that she better do her homework before she sends anything in writing & as usual didn't do her homework & here goes another violation unpunished that they have gotten away with.

Next she also states that they posted this to my account on the 6th of March 2014. Really? Wow, how is this possible when they hadn’t even picked up the mail on the 4th, 5th & finally picked it up on the 6th of March from the post office along with thousands of other pieces of mail that had been waiting since the 4th of March to be picked up. They also have at least four other post offices that they work out of in Florida! I guess you probably need that many to you know cover your tracks! Took the late fee off on the 7th of March 2014! This is what our government agencies are allowing now & that is why “Corrupt” businesses & corporations are getting away with “Raping” the consumer they make me sick all of them!

She also stated that they did not go into my Credit Report! Really? Well I sure as *** didn’t go into my Credit Report & put Pay Pal! Maybe that “Phantom” that shows up ever so often was beamed down by Scotty from the Starship Enterprise or better yet maybe it hitched a ride on an Asteroid & landed in my credit report! No respect for anyone or anything absolutely disgusting!!!!!!

At the end of this complaint it asks do I want to be contacted by the company? No I don't because it is a waste of time. They know what they did & what they continue to do to this day!

Review about: Postal Service.


Mountain View, California, United States #916281

Youre absolutely right and i sympathize with you. All the government agencies and politicians allow these crooks to badically the American consumer.

Theyre all crooks. The finanial institutions the politicians.

But sooner or later people are going to get tired of it. Just sayin.


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This is how brazen GE Capital Retail Bank/Pay Pal Smart Connect/Pay Pal has gotten. They have been allowed to lie, steal, defraud, commit fraud, steal money, hide money, etc., etc.

They have The DFI, The CFPB, The OCC, and The Federal Trade Commission along with other government agencies, which have allowed them to achieve & to continue their Illegal practices that NO ONE IS SAFE NOT EVEN THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE! I know & the United States Postal Service knows when my payment along with 2,300 other pieces of mail which were sent by special delivery through The United States Postal Service to arrive before March 5, 2014 before 5:00 pm. were actually picked up & as usual GE Capital Retail Money Bank/Pay Pal Smart Connect/Pay Pal have lied again, when will this stop. On March 4, 2014 my account had been marked "Overdue" with a late fee of $35.00 for payment not received before 5:00 pm on March 5, 2014.

I called on March 4, 2014 & asked why my account was put "Overdue" before the 5th of March. I was informed that they can do this & they do it all the time. This is not the first time this has happened I have been dealing with several "Illegal Practices since 2011 & this is a very popular "Illegal Activity" they are real good at. Remember now this is where they pick up mail it is a P.O.

Box, I don't think the USPS delivers more then once a day to anybody. They did not pick these 2,300 pieces of mail up until March 6, 2014. So how many pieces of mail showed up on the 5th of March & the 6th of March? Most businesses make it a priority to pick up mail everyday what's up with these CROOKS picking up mail two days later?

I have submitted over 150 documents since 2011 pertaining to all types of "Illegal Practices" done by these corporations to these agencies & GE Capital Retail Money Bank/Pay Pal Smart Connect/Pay Pal are still getting away with it. This is not the first time they have done this to me. Did you know that they will make your account late twice "Illegally" within a 6 month period so they can charge you $35.00 in late fees instead of $25.00? They also go into your credit report then deny that they did even though the record shows they did!

They will stop at nothing to get more money no matter how obvious it is.

What are our tax dollars paying for here? Read the attached letter.

Review about: Pay Pal Smart Connect.

Monetary Loss: $5000.


Mountain View, California, United States #962388

Yes i agree. Crooked corrupt politicians are the root cause of these types of problems. I no longer see a democracy but rather a straight up dictatorship.

to Anonymous #962652

We all agree that this country is becoming a dictatorship every day.

Fernley, Nevada, United States #891178

We consumers now have ZERO protection. Both "conservative" and "liberal" administrations have appointed directors to all these federal agencies from the very industries they're charged with monitoring.

It's the fox watching the henhouse. America is now completely saturated with corruption.

That's the only thing that's trickled down the last 30 years. for more details on the root cause of our problems.

to Dean Berry Ministries #962650

That is exactly right! We are screwed & these "Corrupt" corporations care about one thing it is green looks like this $ on paper That is all they see & the agencies that are to protect us are just "fking" us.

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Ge Capital Retail Bank - Log in page won't work


I've tried and tried and tried to pay my bill online for my CareCredit card that goes to GE Capital Retail Bank, and the page just will not load. It always says that it can't recognize my device and I'm just so frustrated with it.

There's no email that I can contact and now I'm probably going to end up with a late fee because of those cheap people who can't fix their bloody website. All it ever shows is that screenshot attached.

I'm very unhappy with these people. I even signed up for the e-bill thing to go paperless, but I can't even log in to take it off now!!

Review about: Online Service.



You say device, and it's Windows 7 or 8? And, the page is a https.

How are you connecting to the internet? Do other https sites work?

If your using a free tethering program, they often block https sites after a certian period of time.

to Mike_mn Dallas, Georgia, United States #822784 or You Tube Pay Pal GE Capital Retail SYNCHRONY bank Do not get any card with any company that has this bank. You have not heard anything or seen anything until you see what is done by these two companies.

Ge Capital Retail Bank - Actual Net Earned Less Then What Is Reported

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Pay Pal GE Capital Retail Bank EBAY Reports on Transaction Details that you made more net profit then you actually earned. "Example" $91.96 is the net they have you earning when in all actuality you earned a net of $82.25.

So, what about that $9.71? According to the Transaction Details you earned that $9.71 even though you didn't. Please see attached document. Retaliation from GE & Pay Pal my balance isn't high enough to have an illegal late fee of $35.00 instead of the illegal $25.00 I used to be charged illegally & this has happened last year & this year since I have filed complaints with Federal & State agencies.

They also take monies from your Pay Pal Balance & use that to pay on your Pay Pal Smart Connect Credit Card. I have always gone in myself & have specified the amount I want taken out of my Pay Pal Balance to pay my Pay Pal Smart Connect Credit Card Account. So, if you don't want them to take your Pay Pal Balance to pay your Pay Pal Smart Connect you need to withdraw all of it. By these Crooks doing this they make $1.50 for writing you a check sneaky, sneaky.

They also go into my credit report & when I call them to ask them why they say they didn't go in & check it. Gee, I wonder how their name got listed as a soft check in my credit report? Crooks the lot of them.

They think the consumers are *** well they are not! Billions & Billions that is all they see & they keep coming up with more & more creative ways to ***.

Review about: Pay Pal Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $200.



They spend their time cheating people, and on wives and husbands.Poor, Poor and hateful collection center. I will never bank with them after reading these horror stories, and all the underhanded tricks they use.

I know many employees there, they spend their time looking for another job.

A bank with collection quotas, is a poor excuse of a way to run a department. Go back to where you came.


Fremont, California 0 comments

I have been reading all the complaints about this bank GE Capital Retail Bank, which deals with Pay Pal & EBAY. Don't waste your time or energy on filing a complaint with the Office of the Comp Controller, Department of Financial Institutions, The Federal Trade Commission, The Department of Justice & especially The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau along with The Better Business Bureau which the companies pay for a good review from the Better Business Bureau no matter what they have done.

These government agencies can do nothing about what these EVIL & VILE corporations do because they don't get involved with the facts of any bank or credit card company & the consumer so just what the Helllll are we paying these *** government agencies for they are just taking our money & helping these three corporations with making their billions. The shareholders are just as EVIL & VILE because they want their money & don't care how they get it. The employee's of these three EVIL & VILE corporations are just as guilty because they help the corporations they work for RAPE & MURDER the consumer.

The qualifications for working at these EVIL & VILE corporations are you have to be a good liar & have neither brains nor mathematical skills what so ever. If you wait for them to contact you you will die of suffocation so don't waste your breath!

Review about: Poor Services.

Monetary Loss: $7000.


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To Whom It May Concern:

GE Capital Retail & Pay Pal continues to lie about funds taken out of my account. They have also started putting accounts overdue TWO days before they are due. They continue to not pick up mail at the P.O. Box until way after 8:30 pm & then sometimes they don't pick the mail up until a DAY or TWO after the 5th of the month. There are 2,300 items that have not been picked up at this post office & mine along with everybody else's is still there date March 4, 2014. They along with myself are being charged late fees and have still not been picked up Today is Thursday March 6, 2014. The other Post Offices they have mail sent to are P.O. Box 965033 Orlando FL, P.O. Box 965035 Orlando FL, P.O. Box 965006 Orlando FL and P.O. Box 96008 Orlando FL. According to all of the no names fake names and people who forgot their real name they can do this, This has been going on since 2011 and I have to deal with it every month. Maybe the Post Office needs to find out just how much money they are losing by people not sending mail by Priority, Next Day, Express Mail etc. because these corporations are scamming the consumer and defrauding the consumer and defrauding the United States Postal Service not to mention other things and are still getting away with it. I know for a fact that I will not do it because GE Capital Retail Bank and Pay Pal will make for sure they get that late fee of $25.00 to $35.00 each and every month from every single person who has an account with these Corrupt Corporations who knows how long they have been getting away with it mine started in October of 2011 and is still going strong! They owe me lots of money in “ILLEGAL LATE FEES” that I have still not received! Documents attached.

Review about: Bank Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Ge Capital Retail Bank - Bank Harassment


While on vacation, I did not recieve a statement from store card operated by GE Capital Retail Bank so I missed the payment. The bank charged interest as would be expected.

But, they also charged a $25 penalty! OK, so I was *** enough not to read the fine print, but I did not expect that. Then, the automated phone calls began. The phonecall was a recording with a message to call the bank.

I did and held on the line for someone to answer until I finally gave up! Then the phone calls continued multiple times a day. Finally, I paid off the bill and cancelled the account. It is unfortunate this happened because I placed a lot of orders with Amazon and appreciated the convenience of the store card.

But it definitely was not worth the ordeal! Shoppers beware!

Review about: Store Card.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Ge Capital Retail Bank - $600.00 payment was not applied to my account.

Cicero, Illinois 1 comment
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My name is Vickie Stevens, my email address Stevensvickie25@yahoo.ocm

On August 16, 2013, I made a balance transfer of $600.00 from my Chase Freedom Credit Card to my Sam's Club Credit Card through GE Capitol.

I called GE capitol@1.888.733.7267 on August 29, 2013 to find out why the payment clearly received by GE Capitol as the detail listed payment received of $600.00 was not posted to my available credit balance on my account. The clerk Samantha told me " your account is new and the $600.00 was placed on hold because it could be a payment fraud". I ask to speak with her supervisor, Dan ID#43535 in Ohio came on the line heard my concern about my money and said sorry there's noting I can do. Your payment was place on hold for 7 days by someone for reasons he was not aware of and if I had a problem with what he is telling I could take it up with Sam's Club in Orlando Florida. Si instead on having an available credit balance of 689.00 I have a available balance of $-589.00 Both Samantha and Dan were unprofessional, extremely rude

and do not have any customer service skills.

Review about: Balance Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $600.


Columbia, Kentucky, United States #708845

Don't give the world your email address, especially on a public forum unless you like loads of spam.

NonCustomer Harassed by GE Capital Retail Bank

Indian Trail, North Carolina 3 comments

WoW! So, I've reported GE Capital Retail Bank to the FTC for harassing phone calls that have been coming into my home for 3 weeks now every 1 to 2 hours per day.

I have never had nor do I have an account with this company. Had not even heard of it until they began incessantly calling my phone number. I'd called them 2ce to thoroughly and firmly, clearly this information. The first time they hung up on me while communicating with them.

I was not shouting or cursing, but firmly telling them "Do Not Call....." Yesterday, again, I spoke with a "Michael" and confirmed he got the information clearly and that I was not hung up on. The calls quit for the day. This morning they began again with 605-355-5648 another one of the 4 different ones I've received calls from. Outrageous and Despicable Conduct GE!!!!!

While I have not done business with these people, I want to warn everyone possible that if they harass people who do not have an account with them, surely it is ill advised to do business with them. Shame On You GE Capital Retail Bank!

Review about: Phone Calls.


Pleasanton, California, United States #691318

Go online to the government website "Do Not Call" put there number in plus you can call it in if you can't do it on the web. Since you have told them so many times to not contact you and they do it again they will and can be fined up to $1,500.00 by violating your rights.

The note from Nicole below from GE Capital Retail Bank is a form letter they put on this site when they get complaints. Only problem is they waste your time because they don't do anything they just do this to make everyone who reads these horror stories look like they really care which they don't they are to busy raping the customer and stealing money all the time that is the way they make their billions. The Famous Form Letter with Nicole's name is on any and all complaints about this bank and I can guarantee you it is probably not her real name. This bank out of 99.9% actually give real names most are just made up.

If they had been given a name at birth they have forgotten it. The one percent that does you have to wonder if that is their real name. They DO NOT CARE!

Good luck maybe you can make some money by reporting these crooks who are allowed by state and federal government agencies to make up the rules and their own laws and regulations where other banks are not allowed this privaledge. You can file with the DFI, The OCC, The Department of Justice, The FDIC, The Federal Trade Commission etc.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #690229

**To expedite a response, please provide Reference code DM 073013_pc_Anonymous**

I’m sorry you are receiving these phone calls. We would like to try and resolve your concerns. Please email me at with the following information:

- The full name associated with the account

- Mailing address associated with the account

- Your contact phone number

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.



GE Capital

to GECapitalCares #818784

There you are again Nicole **To expedite a response, please provide Reference code DM 073013_pc_Anonymous**

This is the new name GE Capital Retail Bank is changing there name to SYNCHRONY . This is the fourth time they have changed there name.

They used to be GE Capital, GE Capital Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Money Bank, the only thing they didn't change is BANK! They need this word BANK so they can be in the banking business. You will find this Rip-Off Report being written in "Comic Font". This has gotten so out of hand that one can only laugh at what is happening.

I mean we have state & federal agencies we cannot rely on.

This bank that has changed it name FOUR times now they are changing it again to SYNCHRONY BANK! I believe they are changing to the letter "S" in the alphabet they need to get as far away as they can from the letter "G" in the alphabet. They have to get as far as they can from the letter "G" they don't want to get away from making lots of "G's" Illegally just the letter itself.

The letter words that start with the letter "S" this is also another reason I think they changed there name they want to continue the illegal business practices. They have to get as far as they can from the letter "G" they don't want to get away from making lots of "G's" Illegally just the letter itself. Words that start with "S" are Steal, Slaughter, Shittttt, Suckers & most important word that starts with an "S" SHEEP! All those SHEEP being led to another slaughter that have no idea about just how corrupt GE Capital Retail Bank & Pay Pal are & all that money that they will steal from the unsuspecting "SHEEP"!

They have made for sure that they can't get caught that is why they changed the Pay Pal page you can't see how crooked they really are pathetic not to mention EVIL!

If you have a Pay Pal Smart Connect Card they have now changed the way the site looks when you go in to look at your activity you can no longer go in & copy & paste anymore. They changed this so that you cannot see where they put your account "Overdue" days before it is. You cannot "View Card Details" either. Greedy make money anyway they can they don't want customers to see what they are really doing "Cover UP".

The letter from the Employee confirms this & lays it out why & how. You can read this employee's posts to me at Rip-Off Report#1140625

You can also see actual documents that I have upload on this site. I have listed them here: The Review numbers are Review #: 483913, Review #: 397877,Review #: 403826, Review #: 408105,Review #: 478478, Review #: 483025.

It is faster when you read the documents that have been uploaded instead of reading all the posts. **To expedite a response, please provide Reference code DM 073013_pc_Anonymous**

Ge Capital Retail Bank - GE Cancelled my cards

Washington, District Of Columbia 1 comment

I was randomly checking my accounts with GE and I saw that I had no available credit. This made me suspicious especially since I just paid $300 on my Walmart CC.

Long story short they cancelled all 4 of my GE cards because they didn't "like" how I was using my other card. SERIOUSLY! I've been a great customer with GE they even just gave me a CLI on my HHGregg CC of $1000! I am beyond upset!

I seriously can't believe them.

I'm so upset! I've had good payment history on all my accounts I will never shop with them AGAIN!

Review about: Walmart Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $2000.



If you really want them to know you mean what you say then please go to my posted complaints that start with "The Crook-A-Titus Disease and "The *** Titus Disease" and that "The Disease is Spreading" and read the documents that are from this CRooKEd BANK which has changed their name three (3) times from GE Money Bank, GE Capital Money Bank and now GE Capital Retail Money Bank. As you will see they do have the word MONEY in all three name changes.

They just love that money, more money more money and more money and they steal and lie and that is the way they make their BILLIONS! Money is not the Root of all Evil The Root of all Evil is to love money" and they do that real well. Not one single penny that they have made has been honest! This is the Worst Corporate America rip-off ever in this country the absolute worst!

They have India, South America, the Philipines etc., etc. to help them make the illegal billions that they make! File complaints with The Department of Justice, The Office of the Comp Controller, The Department of Financial Institutions, The BBB, The FDIC, The District Attorneys Office where GE's corporate office is located, The Federal Trade Commission, The Consumer Affairs Office for Unfair Business Practices and if you file with the wrong agency then they will tell you in writing what agency to send your complaint to. Don't file a complaint with The Consumer Financial Proction Bureau they have no ClUe what they are doing they send complaints to companies not even mentioned in the complaint!

Now how intelligent is that plus they can't read nor do math! I have given The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau the name of "The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau! BEcause that is what they are CONFUSED! They DO know how to make MoRe MoNeY and they don't care how they get it they live and operate on their own rules always have and always will.

In my opinion there is more going on here for this type of Corruption to be where it is now with this bank to be so bold as to just flaunt this type of business practice in people's faces which is as corrupt as it can be for it to have gotten to this point! Yep, something more is going on here.

GE has the disease of "Crook-A-Titus" and Pay Pal Smart Connect has the disease of "*** Titus"! What is sad is that its spreading to other banks and credit card companies and starting to get out of control in the worst way.

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